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On the Issues

Colin is running on a platform of healthcare, education, and protecting kids. If there is an issue important to you please reach out to Colin at


Colin believes all Idahoans deserve access to healthcare. In his background as a senior advocate he helped hundreds of his elderly clients find access to public benefits for long-term care. He will use his expertise of Medicaid policy and experience as a healthcare advocate to be an effective leader in the fight for Medicaid expansion.


As the husband to an educator, Colin has witnessed the tireless efforts of teachers faced with overcrowded classrooms and underfunded schools. He will fight to make smarter investments in our public education system that empower school districts to focus on our children, not on the dictates of a detached legislature.

Protecting Kids

Colin believes Idaho kids deserve safe schools and freedom from the harmful practices of faith-based medical neglect and child marriage.

Women's Rights

Colin is committed to continuing his work to protect women and families from domestic violence, working to close the gender pay gap, and breaking down barriers for women in their access to reproductive healthcare.

LGBT Rights

Colin believes all people should be treated with dignity and respect no matter who they are or who they love. Idaho's LGBT community faces uniques challenges that Colin is prepared to address once elected.

Living Wage

Colin believes honest work deserves honest pay. Hard-working Idahoans are plagued by low wages, and struggle to afford basic necessities. He will work to make sure all Idahoans willing to work can earn a living wage.

Climate Change

It is difficult to overstate the dangers of climate change. Colin will work to fight the harmful policies that have stifled the ability of Idaho communities to properly address this global threat, and bring attention to the ways Idaho can make progress in the effort reverse current trends.

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