Matt Nash has proudly served as New Albany City Councilman for District 5 since 2016.

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As a lifelong resident of New Albany, Councilman Nash has dedicated himself to service to the community.

Councilman Nash is raising a family in District 5 and is dedicated to fostering growth and community in the district that will benefit New Albany for generations to come.

Councilman Nash is very proud of the work accomplished by the New Albany City Council over the course of his first term in office. Working to make New Albany safer and cleaner, the City Council created a littering ordinance. Building codes have been updated to include rental registration and inspection. The Council has funded initiatives that drastically improved the storm water and sewer capabilities in New Albany. The flood control and storm water upgrades include the complete overhaul of every pump and has improved the ability to limit damages during times of flooding. The improvements to the antiquated sewer system will eliminate sewer overflows that have impeded economic development in the past. Additionally, this Council has prioritized infrastructure by allocating more funding for street paving and sidewalk improvements than ever before. This Council has worked to ensure that the New Albany police and fire departments are well trained and properly equipped to enable them to ensure the safety of every resident.